September 8, 2021

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The Upper Syange Khola Small Hydropower Porject (2.40 Mw) project was a primary initiation of Mr. Bir Bahadur Ghale who is currently Executive Chairman of Upper Syange Hydropower Ltd. The initial research and survey, feasibility study and PPA were carried by a team of 4 members led by Mr. Ghale including Hydro Energy Concern, Ms. Karma Dolma Lama and Ms. Chhoma Lama.


The Upper Syange Khola Small Hydropower Project lies at Taghrin VDC of Lamjung District in NepalThe project is located at Annapurna Conservation Area Protection (ACAP).  Upper Syange Hydropower is sourced from Syange Khola, which originates from Sundar Dada with the highest elevation of about 4,330 m amsl and flows from West to East before it confluences with the Marshyangdi River. All the structures of the proposed project are proposed along the right bank of Syange Khola. The nearest road head is at Syange Bazaar along the Besisahar – Manang Highway. The proposed powerhouse site is about 2.5 km away from Syange Bazaar. There is a 30 km fair weathered road from Besisahar to Syange Bazaar. An access road of about 2.5 km is under construction to reach the powerhouse from Syange Bazaar.

Executive Summary

In the month of Bhadra 2080, Upper Syange Hydropower Limited continued its impressive performance across various aspects of the business operation. This summary provides an overview of the key highlights and achievements during the Bhadra month:

Financial Highlights: Our financial performance remains robust, with monthly revenue reaching 41, 32,153 marking an 11, 67,519.2 (In Percentage 22.03 %) decrease compared to the previous month (Total Revenue of Shrawan 52, 99,672.20). 2080-06-30 revenue stands at 60 lakhs, surpassing our targets for this period. Our diligent cost management strategies have yielded positive results, maintaining a healthy profit margin of [mention percentage].Operational Excellence: Our commitment to operational excellence has resulted in smooth operations across all departments. We successfully installed new bearings, which have received positive feedback from both our existing and new power Generators. Key operational areas, including bearing & both turbines have demonstrated efficiency improvements.

Strategic Milestones: We are making significant strides toward achieving our strategic goals. Key milestones met in Magh, 2079 include revenue 55, 34,289. These accomplishments reaffirm our commitment to long-term growth and sustainability. Human Capital: Our dedicated workforce continues to be a vital asset. On 01/04/2080, we welcomed Bij Ghale, a new team member, bringing our total workforce to 14. Employee engagement scores have improved in the Account, Admin & HR Department, reflecting our ongoing commitment to fostering a positive work environment. Market Position:  Upper Syange Hydropower Limited maintains a strong market position in an ever-evolving landscape. Public feedback collected during the month has been largely positive, reinforcing our commitment to meeting their needs. We are actively monitoring market trends and remain agile in response to changing dynamics.

Risk Assessment: While the overall outlook is positive, we remain vigilant in identifying and mitigating potential risks. Key areas of concern include Spare part Management, and we are proactively implementing measures to address these challenges. Compliance and Governance: We are pleased to report that the company remains in full compliance with all relevant regulations. There have been no significant changes in board governance or governance-related matters. Upcoming Focus: Looking ahead to Ashwin, 2080, we have several key initiatives on the horizon, including a focus on Spares Parts Management e.g. Bearing, Ring & Runners, etc. We are confident that our strategic approach will continue to drive our success in the coming months.


PPA Date01 October, 2001 (14 Aswin, 2072)
RCOD15 January, 2019 (01 Magh, 2075)(in the process of extension)
Financial  Closure Date as per PPA04 June 2019 (21 Jestha, 2076)
Actual Financial Closure Date12 January 2018 (28 Poush, 2074)
Generation License Date05 June 2018 (22 Jestha 2074)
Connection Agreement Date09 October, 2009 (23 Aswin, 2070)
Connection Point, Voltage LevelKhudi Substation, 33 kV Busbar


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