September 8, 2021

Project Details


Development Region: Western Region
Zone: Gandaki
District: Lamjung
Former VDC: Taghrin VDC
Gaupalika: Marsyangdi Ga. Pa.-4
Name of River: Syange Khola
Nearest Town: Besisahar
Type of Scheme: Run-of-river
Gross Head: 450.50 m
Net Head:439.04 m
Installed Capacity: 2,400 kW
Net Average Annual Energy: 14.616 GWh
Plant Factor: 73.74%
Catchment Area at Headworks Site: 12.84 km²
Mean Monthly Annual Flow: 0.85 m³/s
Design Discharge (Q40%): 0.64 cumecs
Design Flood (1 in 100 year): 44.03 cumecs
4)Diversion Weir 
Type: Free Flow Slopping Stoned Lined   Gravity weir
Length: 9.5 m
Crest level: El. 2024.50 m
Flood Level at 100 Year Flood at weir: El. 2026.00 m
5)Under sluice 
Type: Vertical Sluice gate
Size: 1.5 m x 1.5 m
Crest level: El. 2022.50 m
Type: Side Orifice
Size of Opening: 1.50 m x 0.65 m
No of gates: 1
Intake Invert Level: El. 2023.50 m
7)Gravel Trap 
Section: Rectangular, bottom hopper
Size (W x H): 2 m x 1.9 m
Length: 3.5 m
8)Approach Canal 
Section: Rectangular
Size (W x H): 1.0 m x 1.0 m including free board
Length: 15.1m
9)Desanding Basin 
Type: Hopper Type, Intermittent flushing
Size (L x B x H): 21.50 m (eff) x 2.50 m x 2.59 m
Desanding Chambers: 2 nos.
Nominal size of trapped particle: 0.15 mm
10)Headrace Pipe 
 Section: Mild steel Pipe
 Diameter and thickness: 0.70m dia. with 6 mm thick
 Length: 978.50 m and 4m extra from   intersection to surge tank
 No. of Anchor Blocks: 29 nos.
11)Surge Tank 
Type: Circular Concrete Tank
Size: 3m internal dia with 0.5m wall thickness
Height: 10.8 m
12)Penstock Pipe Alignment 
Length: 1086.50 m (excluding bifurcation)
Diameter: 0.6 m
Bifurcation: 2 nos. of 12 m each
Minimum Shell Thickness: 6 to 16 mm
No. of Anchor Block: 26 nos. and 2 end block at powerhouse
Total Length: 1110.35 m
Type of powerhouse: Surface (AS in DFS)
Size (L x B x H): 20 m x 10 m x 8.5 m
14)Tailrace Conduit 
Type: Rectangular Concrete Conduit
Size (B x H): 0.8 m x 1.6 m including free board
Type: Horizontal axis Pelton (AS in DFS)
Design Discharge: 0.64 m3/sec (2 x 0.32 m3/sec)
Rated Output: 2.40 MW (2 x 1.2 MW) (AS in DFS)
Synchronous Speed: 1000 rpm (AS in DFS)
Rated Efficiency: 90% (As in PPA)
Type: 2 units Synchronous brushless, AC 3 phase Horizontal Axis (AS in DFS)
Max Rated Capacity: 1500 KVA (AS in DFS)
Rated Efficiency: 96% (As in PPA)
No of units: Two
Type: 1-3 phase Step up Transformers
Rated capacity: 3 MVA x 1
Voltage ratio: 6.3/ 33 kV
Efficiency   : 99 %     
18)Power and Energy 
Type of Power Plant: Run-of-river
Design Discharge: 0.64 m³/s
Total Gross Head: 450.50 m
Rated Net Head: 439.04 m
Installed Capacity : 2.382 MW
Average Annual Deemed Energy: 14.616 GWh
Dry Energy: 2.868 GWh
Wet Energy: 11.748 GWh
19)Transmission Line 
Voltage level: 33 kV
Length:(approx.) 8 km
From: Powerhouse (HEP)
To: Thakan Besi Sub-Station
(Note: 4 Km extra to connect at the Khudi Substation)
Total: 12 Km
20)Project Cost Estimate 
Total Project Cost: NRs. 461,084,709.50
Cost Per kW: NRs. 192,119.00
21)Construction Period: 24 Months

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